CALATHEA – Calathea mackoyana

An attractive foliage plant. The large oval leaves are matt green, with distinctive brown bars superimposed upon a creamy white ground. It resembles the Prayer Plant (Maranta) but is hardier and somewhat larger.


Growing season 12-14 °C (53-57 °F)

Minimum winter 10 °C (50 °F)

Soil: A soil-less compost.Calathea mackoyana

Where to position: It likes plenty of light. It

will tolerate shade but not direct sunlight. It will

resent draughts or extreme temperature fluctuation.

Watering requirements: Keep soil moist and provide humidity. Mist-spray twice weekly and feed with weak liquid fertilizer once a week.

Feeding and fertilizer: Cut out unsightly leaves, using a slanted cut, and lightly dust with fungicide powder. The plant is not troublesome. It looks better and is happier in a container with other taller foliage plants.

Rest and care: Reduce watering and cease feeding in winter.

When it looks sick:

The plant looks unkempt and dull : Bad drainage or over-watering are suspect and should be corrected. Withhold water for a while. If the soil is waterlogged it may be best to re-pot.

Dry leaves with browning tips or edges : Increase humidity. Mist-spray regularly.

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