Calathea Peacock Plant; 13-16°C/55-61 F; Brazil

Exotically-coloured leaves in many shades of green and brown are the order of the day here, and C. makoyana with its exquisitely patterned leaves is one of the most striking of foliage plants. It fully justifies its common name of Peacock Plant. The leaves of C. zebrina are light and dark green and have a texture that is reminiscent of velvet. C. insignis has narrower more densely clustered foliage that is also very impressive. Not plants for the beginner, the suggested minimum temperature must be maintained, and the general conditions surrounding the plants should be moist and shaded; ideally water and spray with rainwater as tap water may leave white marks on the foliage. Propagate by division of the rhizomes in summer, and at all stages of growth a peaty, open soil must be used.

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