Calathea picturata ‘Argentea’

This cultivar has white leaves with green only on the margin. The type species, native to Brazil, has dark green leaves with a single, broad white band along the midrib and another, narrower band along the margin. It is purplish-red on the under-surface.

Like most plants that grow in tropical forests, it does not tolerate direct sunlight. It requires a high temperature in summer; do not allow the winter temperature to fall below 18°C (64° F). It needs a high level of humidity; the relative humidity should be 60 – 70 per cent. Propagate by dividing the clumps.

Calathea zebrina

This perennial herb , native to Brazil, has long-stalked, lanceolate leaves which are pointed at the tip and at the base. They are glabrous and dark green above, except for the pale green primary and secondary veins, and purplish-red on the underside. The short, thick inflorescence is composed of white and violet flowers with striking violet bracts. Conditions for growing are the same as for C. picturata .

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