Calceolaria – SLIPPER PLANT

The Slipper Plant is a vivid, showy flowering plant and a favourite as a Mother’s Day gift. Large pouch-shaped flowers in reds, yellows, and orange are borne in great clusters over broad bright green leaves. The flowers are always speckled and there is both a small and large flowered variety.


Flowering seasonCalceolaria SLIPPER PLANT

minimum 8 C (46 °F)

Where to position: Likes a good light, cool position but avoid full sunlight. It will droop if placed in a draughty spot.

Watering requirements: Never allow a Slipper Plant’s soil to dry out. The plant likes humidity; without it the leaves may flag. In warm weather, use a fine spray on leaves only.

Gneral care: These plants are usually bought in flower so feeding is unnecessary. It may be kept and rested in winter but is seldom worth saving. It has been included because the plant is so often given as a gift and rewards the little care that it needs.

Rest and care: Treat as an annual and discard after it has finished flowering.

Soil: They are not usually re-potted. When it looks sick: Leaves and flowers droop : Probably insufficient water, maintain a moist soil condition. Draughts may affect this plant in a similar way. If the soil condition is good, move the plant to a more sheltered place.

The plant loses its freshness and looks tired : Move it from direct sunlight which is the most probable cause.

Blotchy, unsightly leaves : Check for aphid attack. Too warm a position increases this risk.

Fungus attack can occur : Dust with a fungicidal powder.

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