Californian Poppy

A drift of Californian Poppies in full flower is a colourful sight in summer, but it won’t be if yoursoil is rich and the plants are in partial shade. The flowers are not long-lived but they continue to appear over a long period and the silky petals fluttering in the breeze are part of our garden scenery. After flowering the plants will produce self-sown seedlings – clear them away.

VARIETIES: E. californica produces golden yellow (lowers in the wild, but there are now hybrids in many colours. For a rainbow mixture grow Art Shades’ (frilled petals, semi-double) or ‘Ballerina’ (fluted petals, semi-double or double). Some people prefer single colours – choose ‘Cherry Ripe’ (cerise), ‘Orange King’ (orange) or the dwarf ‘Miniature Primrose’ (yellow).

SITE AND SOIL: A well-drained soil in full sun is necessary.

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