Callicarpa is indigenous in China and Japan. It is not cultivated so much for its flowers, but mainly for the striking berries and beautifully coloured foliage in autumn. This is a deciduous shrub with short-stemmed, oval, pointed leaves with a serrated margin, which turn yellow or golden-red in autumn, and insignificant, pink flowers followed by deep violet berries. C. bodinieri var. giraldii is 2-2.5 m tall, with pointed, oval leaves, 5-12 cm long, purple flowers and large clusters of purple berries up to 0.5 cm across; “Profusion” has numerous pale purple berries.

This shrub grows slowly. To encourage fertilization, plant several specimens together in a slightly shady spot where they come into their own in autumn and winter. They require well-drained, fairly fertile soil with some lime. Cover the foot of the shrub in winter for the first few years; prune back frozen branches. Propagate by layering (summer) and from winter cuttings.

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