Callistemon citrinus

This species is the Bottle Brush Plant. The genus Callistemon numbers 25 species native to Australia. The generic name is derived from Greek (kallos = beautiful and stemon = filament) and truly describes the loveliest organ in the flowers – the stamens with their blood-red filaments. The inflorescence is cylindrical and resembles a brush. The leaves are leathery.

It does very well indoors, if it is positioned in full sun during the growing period. It requires cooler conditions in winter, with a temperature of 5°-10° C (41°-50°F). Water fairly liberally in summer, but reduce watering in winter. Prune the plant to keep it from becoming too big. It is readily propagated by tip cuttings. They will make roots within several weeks in a mixture of peat and sand at a temperature of about 20° C (68° F).

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