Callistephus- Annual Aster

This section deals with annual asters; for perennials see under Aster.


These asters are frequently used in annual borders and in beds, but even more in beds where flowers are grown for cutting. The taller species are particularly suitable for vases, although the plants must be staked. Full sun is desirable; in addition they should be given a different position every year in order to avoid the dreaded damping-off disease.


Nutritious garden soil with an adequate lime content.


These asters are sown in a cold frame in early to mid spring; after being pricked out once they are transferred to the garden. The lower-growing species are planted 15-20 cm apart, the taller forms 30 cm.

Callistephus chinensis: Height 20-70 cm; flowering all summer. Practically all colours occur, in a variety of flower shapes.

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