Calluna- Ling, Heather

All the purple heather growing wild in Great Britain belongs to this species. There are innumerable garden varieties.


Heather gardens have become enormously popular in recent years, but heather may also be used in the herbaceous border or as ground cover. Sun or light shade is essential, or the plants will not flower well.


Heather requires lime-free, humus-rich, constantly damp conditions. Garden soil must therefore be improved with plenty of peat or conifer-needle compost.


From cuttings taken in late summer and grown in cool conditions under glass.

Calluna vulgaris: Height 5-70 cm; flowering season usually late summer to mid autumn, with white, pink, salmon pink, purple or violet flowers. Consult a good catalogue for the many named strains. The garden varieties with foliage which turns a beautiful golden yellow in winter are outstanding.

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