Campanula- Canterbury Bell, Bell Flower

Profusely flowering garden plants, usually perennials, although some are grown as biennials.


Dwarf species belong to the category of rock plants and are intended for sunny to very lightly shaded spots. The medium-sized and tall species make excellent and reliable border plants, readily flowering and very suitable for combination with other plants.


The rock-plant species should not be kept too dry and require adequately nutritious soil. Provide good drainage in winter. Border plants will grow in reasonably manured garden soil which is never completely dry.


All pure species can be grown from seed; this may be done either in spring or in autumn. Biennials are sown in early summer. Garden varieities are increased by division or from cuttings taken in early spring.

Campanula carpatica: Height 15-45 cm; bright-blue, bell-shaped flowers on slender stems in early summer to early autumn. ‘Alba’ is a white form. The soil must not be too rich.

Campanula garganica: Height to 30 cm; usually flowers in late spring or early summer, clear blue. Rock plant. Campanula glomerata: Height 25-60 cm, flowers in summer months. The flowers appear in close spherical clusters and are violet-blue in colour. Strong border plant. Campanula lactiflora: Height to 150 cm; flowers in summer months, the flowers varying between deep blue and white. The most popular varieties are ‘Prichard’, amethyst blue, 60 cm; ‘Pouffe’, pale blue, 30 cm; and ‘Loddon Anne’, violet pink, 100 cm. Excellent plants for the herbaceous border.

Campanula latifolia: Height 50-150 cm; flowers in mid to late summer, colours bright violet to deep blue. ‘Alba’ is white. Fine border plant.

Campanula medium: Biennial, 60-90 cm in height; flowers in summer. A vigorous plant with large, bell-shaped flowers in clusters of blue, pink, white etc. Campanula persicifolia: Height 40-100 cm; large lilac-blue flowers in summer months. ‘Alba’ is a white form. Campanula portenschlagiana: Height 10 cm; purple-blue flowers in summer months – a rock plant. ‘Birch Hybrid’ is the finest garden variety.

Campanula pyramidalis: Biennial, to 1.5 m tall; blue-violet flowers in mid to late summer. Sometimes self-sowing.

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