Campanula carpatica

If you have a flowerbed bordered by a stone or brick path you will need cushiony plants to soften the hard edge of the path. Campanula carpatica, a native of the Carpathian Mountains in eastern Europe, is a perfect front-ofthe-border plant which grows in low, rounded clumps which never straggle or encroach like some of the dwarf rock campanulas, which are almost weeds. It is also an excellent plant for the rock garden. It is herbaceous and hardy, grows up to 12 inches (30 cm) in height, and is covered for several weeks from mid-summer with fresh green, rounded leaves and wide-open bellflowers in blue, purple or white.

There are a number of good named varieties in the catalogues and two or more colours can be grown side by side. The flowers look you in the face, rather than nodding, and are large for a plant of such modest size. The blue and purple forms contrast well with white pinks.

Plant them 12 inches (30 cm) apart in sun (though they will tolerate light shade) in well-drained garden soil.

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