Campanula isophylla

Italian Bellflower is the only one of some 300 species in the genus Campanula grown as a pot plant. It is native to Italy.

It has thin, trailing stems which are completely concealed by the profusion of flowers in summer. The bell-like corollas open wide and are usually coloured blue, although sometimes they are white; these are typical of the cultivar ‘Alba’. The white-and blue-flowered plants are commonly called ‘bride’ and ‘groom’.

The best location for the plant is in a window where it has plenty of light. A suitable compost is a mixture of leaf mould, peat and sand. Water liberally in spring and summer, but because it does not tolerate permanently wet compost, a drainage layer should be put at the bottom of the pot. Feed with compound mineral fertilizer weekly during the growth period. In winter, water sparingly, just so the plants do not dry up. It requires a temperature of 4°-10°C (39°-50°F). As soon as the flowers have faded, prune the plant. Propagate from seed or by tip cuttings.

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