Campanula isophylla Bellflower; 7°C/45GF; Italy

There are two varieties that one may occasionally see offered for sale: C. isophylla ‘Alba’, and C. isophylla ‘Mayii’. As the name suggests the first mentioned has white flowers and is reasonably easy to care for, while the latter has pale blue flowers and variegated, heart-shaped leaves; it is a trifle more difficult to manage. Both may be increased by means of cuttings inserted in a peat and sand mixture in spring. The white form is a particularly fine plant when employed as part of a mixture in a hanging basket, or as an individual trailing plant in a 13-18cm/5-7in pot. After flowering plants should be cut hard back in the autumn and kept very much on the dry side until the following spring when watering should be gradually restarted to bring plants back to life. Once they have produced a reasonable amount of growth plants should be removed from their pots and the old soil gently teased away before potting in fresh loam-based mixture, using the same container. Once growing away in the fresh medium it will be essential that watering should at no time be negleoted. It is also important to clean plants over and remove all dead flowers regularly.

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