Canna- Indian Shot

A non-hardy perennial with tuberous root-stock, very large leaves and striking flowers.


As a large bedding plant in the garden or on the balcony. The root-stocks are treated like dahlias, ie they are started into growth in greenhouse temperature and in summer are planted out in a warm sheltered position where they can fully develop. Just before flowering they must be fed several times. In early autumn, when the stems have dried out, they are lifted to be stored in a frostproof place.


The bedding or container soil must be very rich and high in humus. Potting soil is satisfactory.


The root-stocks may be divided in spring.

Canna indica hybrids: Dwarf forms to 50-70 cm, other varieties may reach more than 1.5 m. Flowering season late summer and early autumn; the flowers come in a variety of colours.

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