Native to S. and N. Africa, and Abyssinia, this genus comprises a large number of species of succulent shrubs with 4- to 6-angled stems. The flowers are generally in groups and vary in size, with 5 deep lobes. They are variously coloured and marked, and evil-smelling.

Caralluma burchardii. A native of the Canary Islands. The plant forms clumps, with olive-green or grey-green stems about 10 inches high, 4-angled, with erect teeth. The flowers are small, produced in groups at the ends of the stems, and have a brown corolla with white hair.

Caralluma europaea. A native of the Mediterranean countries. It has quaint squarish 4-angled stems, greyish-green with a few indistinct reddish markings. The flowers are | inch in diameter, in groups of s to 8 at the top of the stems, yellow, with purple bands, and hairy towards the centre.

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