Carpinus- Hornbeam

Fast-growing parkland tree, also suitable for growing under other trees, but chiefly known as a hedge plant.


Provided it is correctly pruned, it is possible to develop Carpinus into a hedge of more than 2 m in height and only 50 cm in width within five years. Always clip the plant into a wedge shape at the top; clip at least twice a year. If a few lengths of firm wire are strung through the hedge, long shoots may be tied in; in this way the hedge will reach the desired height and density even sooner. Dead leaves are shed in winter.


Any reasonable garden soil. Propagation From seed.

Carpinus betulus, common hornbeam: As a tree it grows to 20 m, and is the best-known species. The oval leaves are heart-shaped at the base, one side of the leaf often being longer than the other. Young foliage is reddish, downy and clearly veined. There are a number of cultivars, but they are less suitable for hedge making.

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