Caryopteris is indigenous in China and Japan, and one of the few shrubs to flower late in the year.

This is a small, fragrant, deciduous, woody-stemmed shrub with oblong, serrated leaves and violet or blue clusters of flowers in the leaf axilla.

C. x clandonensis, is a hybrid of C. incana and C. mongolica, fairly winter-hardy, with small, oblong, greyish-green leaves, and bright blue clusters of flowers.

C. incana is less winter-hardy. It grows slowly, but is slightly taller (up to 150 cm), with broader leaves, hairy on the underside, and long-stemmed, violet-blue clusters of flowers.

This shrub is suitable for a sunny spot in the border in any good soil; it flowers on young wood. Prune back hard in spring; protect against hard frost. Propagate from cuttings of semi-ripe shoots (August/September).

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