Catalpa- Indian Bean

A good-sized tree, really too large for the average garden, but grown for its fine foliage.


Trees for large gardens and parks.


Standard, reasonably rich garden soil is satisfactory.


Half-ripe shoots can be rooted in summer.

Catalpa bignonioides: Height to 10 m; white, trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow-blotched throats early to mid summer. Leaves up to 20 cm across, oval, sometimes lobed, pale green. The cultivar ‘Aurea’ has yellow-green foliage.

Catalpa X erubescens: The result of crossing Catalpa big-nonioides and Catalpa ovata. Newly appearing leaves are brown, in the cultivar ‘Purpurea’ they are almost black. The white flowers are streaked with yellow and have violet-coloured petal tips.

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