Sow in August or early September in an open situation on plots deeply dug and well manured previously. The drills should be about 9 in. apart; plant out in November in beds, or in frames with about 3 in. between each plant, or in a very warm border. They will be ready for use in May. Another sowing may be made in heat in February and a third in March for use from June to September. Transplant in 8 weeks from seeding. The rows should be 2 ft. and the plants 1 1/2ft.apart in permanent quarters. Keep well watered and plant in very firmly. Winter cauliflowers dislike freshly dug ground and should follow a previous crop, such as early potatoes. Mulches are beneficial in the hot season. If buying cauliflower seedlings, choose the smaller, sturdy ones. The heavy heads of cauliflowers call for firm planting, and the plants should be put in right up to their leaves so that they sit on the soil, as it were. Where space is available it makes stronger plants if, rather than the spacing above, 2 ft. between the plants and 3 ft. between the rows can be allowed. Veitch’s Autumn Giant is a variety which does especially well in northern gardens.

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