FLOWERING SHRUB. The evergreen varieties flower in spring and summer, Ceanothus azureus being a favourite because of the profusion of its spiraea-like clusters of exquisite light blue flowers. There are also summer and autumn varieties. Most of them are of bushy habit, reasonably hardy and easily propagated. They thrive in any situation so long as the soil does not contain much clay. The foliage is bright green with a velvety paleness on the undersides, and makes an artistic foil to the flowers, which are at their best in July and August. C. Veit-chianus flowers in May, with a profusion of flowers of deeper blue and smaller and darker leaves. C. thyrsiflorus inclines to be grey-blue in blossom and flowers freely in thick spires. C. Americanus, called the New Jersey Tree, has white clusters in summer and autumn, and has long leaves. It is deciduous. Gloire de Versailles is summer and autumn flowering, the blossom tending to lavender tint, and is as beautiful and popular as azureus. Marie Simon is a free-flowering pink. They are best grown against a south wall and are increased by cuttings raised in gentle heat in August.

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