Ceanothus- Californian Lilac

A shrub with magnificent flower clusters, appearing in late spring and early summer. Not entirely winter-hardy.


The hardy deciduous varieties can be grown in the open as bushes, the evergreens are best grown in sunny, sheltered positions such as patios, south-facing terraces etc. Every spring the shurbs may be cut back to 20 cm. In very severe winters the shrubs should be given protection.


Nutritious garden soil; some lime is tolerated.


By layering or from cuttings.

Ceanothus hybrids: Height to 1.5 m; flowering season late summer to early autumn. The following are well known garden varieties: ‘Gloire de Versailles’, bright blue; ‘Henri Desfosse’, deep blue; ‘Marie Simon’, pale pink; ‘Perle Rose’, crimson; ‘Pinquet-Guindon’, lavender and ‘Topaz’, soft indigo blue.

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