A well-dug, heavily-manured soil is required for celery. For early use sow on a mild hotbed in the beginning of February, and for the general crop first week in March. Prick out when sufficiently large and harden off. Choose suitable weather in May, June or even July for planting out, and water freely should the weather prove dry. Dressings of liquid manure will improve the quality and produce of the crop. When earthing up, choose a dry day and carefully close the stalks to keep out the soil. The process can begin when plants are 15 in. high and need not be more then slight, but the 2 subsequent earthings, at 3 week intervals, must cover more fully but not above the base of leaves, while the fourth and last earthing has to cover all the stems, from which the soil should slope at a regular angle. Celery trenches should be 8 in. deep and 1 ft. wide, allowing 10 in. between each plant; or if there are 2 plants abreast, 18 in. wide. Earth up for blanching gradually till October. For winter protection cover with straw or bracken. To control celery leaf miner spray with insecticide, gamma-BHC (lindane) or malathion insecticides directly damage is noticed. Repeat as necessary at 7 day intervals. Celery leaf spot can be arrested by spraying with a copper fungicide.

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