Centranthus- Valerian

A beautiful, undemanding hardy perennial, related to the wild valerian.


Excellent for producing colour combinations with other perennials or with shrubs. Plant in full sun.


The red valerian prefers porous, calcereous soil which does not become too damp in winter.


The plants are self-sowing, which is not always a desirable feature. They are also easily increased by division.

Centrantbus ruber, red valerian: Height 80 cm, flowers from late spring onwards, sometimes until well on in the summer. The flowers are pale red; deep red in the more beautiful cultivar ‘Coccineus’. Self-sown plants unfortunately revert to pale red. The white form ‘Albiflorus’ is also very attractive; very suitable for white gardens and in colour combinations, eg with the cultivar ‘Coccineus’.

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