Cerastium- Snow in Summer

Hardy perennial with white flowers and grey foliage.


Mainly as a rock plant; the plant has a creeping habit. May also be used in borders, provided it is given a very sunny position. Snow in summer looks very attractive hanging down a wall.


The soil may be fairly sandy and chalky, but good drainage in winter is very important.


By division.

Cerastium biebersteinii syn Cerastium repens: Height to 30 cm; flowering season late spring and early summer. The flowers are white, the foliage is downy, grey and felty. This species grows more rapidly than the following. Cerastium tomentosum: Height 25 cm, white flowers in late spring to early summer. The foliage is greyer than in the previous species; growth is less vigorous. The cultivar columnae is even more compact.

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