Ceratophyllum demersum – hornwort

Height: free-floating

Water depth: any

Features: foliage

Site: sun or shade

Type: oxygenator

Horn wort (Ceratophyllum demersum) is a useful oxygenator for deep, cold and/or slightly shaded water, and makes excellent cover for fish breeding. It has branched stems and whorls of slightly brittle, bristly, dark green foliage.

Hornwort rarely rakes root and so is easily kept under control. In summer, it floats to the surface, the stems towards the terminal buds becoming thicker and breaking off. These then sink to the bottom, as winter buds, and produce new stems in spring.


Attach a small stone or other weight to the cuttings, then lower into position.

Propagation: Take cuttings or divide clumps in summer.

Pests and diseases: Trouble free.

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