Chaenomeles- Japonica, Japanese Quince

Deciduous shrubs with thorny branches and red, pink or white flowers in spring, followed by yellow-green fruits.


Preferably in damp spots, for instance by a pond, in the sun or in partial shade.


The soil must be rich as well as damp.


By layering or from cuttings.

Chaenomeles japonica: Height to 125 cm; rose-pink flowers in mid spring.

Chaenomeles speciosa: Height to 2 m; flowering season mid to late spring; has much stronger thorns than the previous species. ‘Brilliant’ is deep red; ‘Nivalis’, pure white; ‘Simonii’, dark red, 50 cm.

Chaenomeles X superha: The result of crossing the above species. ‘Boule de Feu’, orange red; ‘Elly MoseP, bright red; ‘Fascination’, scarlet; ‘Vermilion’, vermilion red.

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