The blanched leaves of chicory make excellent salads in winter. It does well in northern gardens. Witloof (Brussels) chicory is the best variety with very white leaves. Sow in late May in drills 1 ft. apart, thinning to 9 in. Light, rich, deeply-worked soil is best. Lift in late October (having removed leaves and side shoots) and store in a cool frost-proof shed. At fortnightly intervals (or as required) lift a batch of roots to force in deep boxes of fine soil under greenhouse staging, in a heated frame, cellar, garage or even in boxes near the coke boiler. The main point is to secure complete darkness, which may be achieved by covering the crowns with inverted flower pots, sand etc. (They should be about 1 in. above the soil, which must be watered thoroughly.) Cut off the blanched leaves at soil level when about 7 in. high.

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