Choosing bedding roses FAQs

Could you suggest some large-flowered and cluster-flowered roses in various colours that would be suitable for bedding?

The choice is immense, but the following are a few of my personal favourites: RED. LARGE-FLOWERED ‘Alec’s Red’, ‘Ernest H. Morse’, ‘Fragrant Cloud’, ‘John Waterer’, ‘Mister Lincoln’, ‘National Trust’, ‘Precious Platinum’. CLUSTER-FLOWERED ‘City of Belfast’, ‘Evelyn Fison’, ‘Lilli Marlene’, ‘Memento’, ‘Rob Roy’, ‘Stargazer’, Topsi’, Trumpeter’. PINK,

LARGE-FLOWERED ‘Blessings’, ‘Honey Favourite’, ‘Gavotte’, ‘Mischief, ‘Mullard Jubilee’, ‘Pink Favourite’, ‘Silver Lining’, ‘Wendy Cussons’; CLUSTER-FLOWERED ‘City of Leeds’, ‘Dearest’, ‘Elizabeth of Glamis’. ‘English Miss’. YELLOW, LARGE-FLOWERED ‘Adolph Horstmann’, ‘City of Gloucester’, ‘Grandpa Dickson’, ‘King’s Ransom’, ‘Peace’, ‘PeerGynt’, ‘Simba’, ‘Sunblest’. CLUSTER-FLOWERED ‘Allgold’, ‘Arthur Bell’, ‘Bright Smile’, ‘English Holiday’, ‘Kim’, ‘Korresia’, ‘Poto’ Gold’, ‘Sunsilk’. ORANGE, LARGE-FLOWERED ‘Cheshire Life’, ‘Doris Tysterman’, ‘Just Joey’, ‘Troika’. CLUSTER-FLOWERED ‘Dame of Sark’, ‘Golden Slippers’, ‘Living Fire’, ‘Orange Sensation’, ‘Redgold’, ‘Woburn Abbey’. WHITE, LARGE-FLOWERED ‘Elizabeth Harkness’ (buff-white), ‘Pascali’. CLUSTER-FLOWERED ‘Iceberg’, ‘Margaret Merril’, ‘Moon Maiden’ (buff-white). COLOUR BLENDS, LARGE-FLOWERED ‘Alpine Sunset’, ‘Champion’, ‘Chicago Peace’, ‘Double Delight’, ‘My Choice’, ‘Piccadilly’, ‘Rose Gaujard’, ‘Silver Jubilee’, ‘Tenerife’, ‘Tycoon’. CLUSTER-FLOWERED ‘Escapade’, ‘Fragrant Delight’, ‘Iced Ginger’, ‘Matangi’, ‘Molly McGredy’, ‘Pink Parfait’, ‘Playboy’.

Which are the most strongly scented varieties?

Many roses other than those listed below have some fragrance. Bear in mind that scent may vary in strength at different times of the day and according to the humidity of the atmosphere; moreover, the sense of smell varies greatly from one person to another. That said, the following are among my favourite strongly scented forms.

LARGE-FLOWERED ‘Alec’s Red’, ‘Alpine Sunset’, ‘Champion’, ‘Double Delight’, ‘Ernest H. Morse’, ‘Fragrant Cloud’, ‘Just Joey’, ‘Mister Lincoln’, ‘Mullard Jubilee’, ‘My Choice’, ‘Precious Platinum’, ‘Silver Lining’, ‘Tenerife’, ‘Wendy Cussons’. CLUSTER-FLOWERED ‘Arthur Bell’, ‘Dearest’, ‘Elizabeth of Glamis’, ‘Fragrant Delight’, ‘Golden Slippers’, ‘Korresia’, ‘Margaret Merril’, ‘Orange Sensation’.

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