Choosing Plants for your home

The range of plants suitable for the home is vast and deciding which plants to grow is always difficult. Many enthusiasts specialize in a particular type of plant once they have developed an in-depth appreciation and knowledge of a certain group – but for the true houseplant collector there is always something new and unknown to be tried.

Temperature requirement is an important consideration in selecting a plant -many plants will inevitably be sickly if the temperature is inadequate, no matter how well the other cultural requirements are fulfilled. The minimum temperature is indicated for each plant -this will usually occur at night – and it is important to determine the lowest temperature you are likely to be able to maintain. Buy only plants suitable for that temperature range. Some plants will survive brief periods at a lower temperature, but may receive a severe check to growth – and in some cases the plant may be lost. Much may depend on the moisture level of the compost – there is a better chance of surviving a low temperature if the roots are almost dry.

The range of plants that can be grown successfully is increased if conditions of good light and humidity can be provided. and many subjects will grow much more vigorously and larger if they can be accommodated in a sun lounge or conservatory. But all the plants mentioned will grow in the home, even though some may be less robust than they would be In a less restricted environment.

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