Choosing the right lily

Lilies for half-shade

All lilies like the sun, and most succumb if they do not get sufficient sunshine. The following lilies prefer semi-shade; the term is meant to convey a position where the plant is not exposed to full sunlight for the whole day, and will grow better if its base remains in the shade. All other lilies tolerate full sunshine.

L. amabile

L. auratum

L. bohnderi

L. bro wuii

L. canadense

L. davidii

L. distichuin

L. duchartrei

L. grayi

L. hansonii

L. jciponicuin

L. kelloggii

L. lankongciisc

L. Icichtlinii

L. inackliniae

L. martagon

L. michiganense

L. pardalinum

L. parryi

L. rubellum

L. rubescens

L. speciosuni

L. tsingtaitense

L. wardii

L. washiiigtoiiiaiiwii

Bellingham hybrids

Auratum-Spcciosum hybrids

Martagon hybrids

Pink Perfection strain

Pink Trumpet hybrids

Aurelian hybrids, particularly orange-coloured varieties

Lilies for damp but well drained soils

The following lilies need to be planted in a damp soil, but the planting site must have good drainage.

L. auratum. var. platyphylluni

L. bolanderi

L. canadense

L. colunririatwni

L. (listichum L. grayi

L. harrisianum

L. lankongense

L. ncpalense

L. pardaiiniini

L. parryi

L. rubellum

L. speciosum

L. stiperbum

L. tsingtatiense

L. wigginsii

Auratum hybrids

Bellingham hybrids

Pink Perfection strain

Pink Trumpet hybrids

Lilies for acid soils

Most lilies grow best in neutral or slightly acid soils, but a few only continue to flourish if planted in acid, lime-free soils.

L. aiiratum

L. canadciisc L. catcsbaei

L. japonicum

L. laiikougeiisc

L. occidentale

L. pardaliiium

L. philcidclphicuni

L. pitkinense

L. rnbellum

L. speciosum

L. superbum

Bellingham hybrids

Auratum-Spcciosum hybrids

Lilies for calcareous soils

The large majority of lilies tolerate a certain alkalinity, but those native to America must be planted in lime-free soils. Additions of leaf-mould and peat help to increase the acidity of soils. Lime-loving plants are:

L. bulbiferum

L. candidum

L. camiolicuni

L. chnlccdoniciini

L. henryi

L. loiigifloriiin

L. martagon

L. monadelphum

L. pompouinm

L. szovitsianum

L. x testaceum

Martagon hybrids

Lilies for planting in leaf-mould and peat

Lilies for planting in leaf-mould and peat

The following lilies should be planted in pure leaf-mould to which small quantities of peat and pumice or quartz sand only have been added.

L. auratum

L. medeoloides

L. wallichianum

L. bakerianum

L. ncilghcrrensc

L. japonicum

L. nepalense

L. leichtlini var.

L. pitkinense maximowiczii

L. rubellum

All Cardiocrinum varieties

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