Choosing the right type of flowers to grow

The blessing of the modern garden centre is also its drawback. No longer do you have to make your selection from a small group of plants if you want to take them home with you – here you will find countless varieties all waiting to be bought.

What a blessing to have so many lovely flowers to choose from. . .. but it is so easy to lose your way and be stuck for choice. To avoid the pitfalls, ask yourself the following 5 questions. For each plant you will find the answers to the questions you need to ask – What height will it reach? Will it thrive or even survive in the spot I have in mind? When will it flower? Does it need winter protection? . . . and so on. In these A-Z guides you cannot look up Snapdragon, Sunflower or Stocks – the plants are listed under their latin names. Look up common names in the Index .

Now you should be in a position to make your choice. Of course the picture and the description in the catalogues or on the label must appeal to you, but do remember that these descriptions dwell on the good points of the variety in question. The A-Z guides will also tell you the limitations and these should not be ignored. Some flowers, like some people, are both difficult and dull!

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