Cissus antarctica – Kangaroo Vine

Cissus antarctica – Kangaroo Vine

Cissus antarctica – Kangaroo Vine 10°C (50°F). Australia.

This is a very easy-to-grow, tough, fast-growing, self-clinging climber, reaching, if permitted, a height of 2-5 m (8 ft). It is excellent grown as a room divider. It has lovely, fresh green oval leaves, which are well veined.

A useful, fast-growing vine that will quickly cover a wall, room divider or trellis. It is a true climber, supporting itself by tendrils. The long, heart-shaped leaves with toothed edges are a clear shade of green. In shops and offices it can often be seen, the sole survivor in a container once filled with plants. It will fight to live, even in the most unfavourable, dark places.

Where to position: It tolerates quite a lot of shade but thrives in good light. Do not expose it to hot sun. It can stand wide temperature changes and is fairly tolerant of draughts, but dislikes hot, dry air.

Although it does best in good light, out of strong sun, it may also do fairly well in sunless and more shady rooms. It is quite tolerant of lower temperatures. It enjoys a medium humid atmosphere, and should be well watered at intervals during the summer. Between waterings the compost should be allowed to dry out almost completely. It needs very little water during the winter.

cissus-antarctica-kangaroo-vine The Kangaroo Vine is easily propagated by layering or taking a cutting with a single leaf.

Watering requirements: In the growing season, it is a copious drinker and will need frequent watering. Mist-spray when the air is dry – daily in summer. At other times, spray and gently wipe leaves when they look dusty. The plant likes humidity.

General care: Give a very weak liquid feed every two to four weeks depending on growth rate. Too much encouragement and it will take over the house. Do not hesitate to cut back.

Rest and care: It never appears to rest and no action is necessary.

When it looks sick:

Leaves drop : Improve humidity and cut out unsightly stems once the plant shows signs of recovery. Leaves crinkle and drop : It is too cold. Place it in an even temperature.

The plant grows lush and invasive : Stop feeding and cut back to a more satisfactory size. Cut at a leaf joint.

Yellowing leaves : Too much light; give it some shade. When bought, this plant may be in too small a pot. Give it four to six weeks to settle before re-potting. Do not over-pot since it will grow very big quite quickly.


Growing season 15-24 °C (60-75 °F)

Minimum winter 7-10 °C (45-50 °F)

Soil: A soil-less compost . Keep the leaves free from dust.


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