Cissus Kangaroo Vine; 10°C/50CF; Australia

The most important plant here is C. antarctica which has been popular for many years, but does not always do well indoors. Generally warm conditions, and particularly the dry conditions that prevail in centrally-heated rooms, can be disastrous as far as this plant is concerned. In excessive heat there is a tendency for the foliage to dehydrate so that it shrivels and dies. Cool, shaded and reasonably moist conditions at the roots are far the best way of getting the best from it. However, it often comes into its own when one is seeking a plant for the difficult positions in the hallway where it is often much too cool for most houseplants. The plant is a natural climber with attractive shiny green leaves that are tooth-edged. It needs a good loamy soil and a framework of canes or trellis on which to climb. Propagate from cuttings taken with a single leaf.

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