FLOWERING SHRUB. As well as those of shrub height, there are others, perhaps better known, more suited for slopes and rockeries, averaging 18 in. in height and of bushy habit, varied and profuse blossom, making fine masses of colour, though closing in the evenings and being of short flowering life, which is compensated by a close succession of blooming. Of these C. purpureus and crispus have purple flowers spotted crimson; albidus has large white flowers, and obtusifolus grows close to the ground. The taller varieties are lusitanicus, white and yellow, loretii, white blotched crimson, hirsutus, a hardy white flower; laurifolius, white laurel-like foliage and a favourite shrub. All are evergreen. All respond to ordinary treatment, though not all are hardy, and flourish more freely in a warm situation on the dry side in light soil. Give protection of leaves in winter and do not transplant at any time. Increased by cuttings in heat during July.

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