I have listed the best of the many Clematis varieties for flowering at the various seasons of the year. The best of those for flowering early spring, the best of those that flower in late spring or early summer, the best of the summer-flowering varieties and finally the best of the autumn ones. Here I have just given the colour to give a quick guide, for instance one can quickly select a pink variety for early spring, a red variety in the summer and a purple variety in the autumn. So that the gardener can, with one or two varieties from each section, have flower for three-parts of the year.

Early Spring Varieties (March and April)

C. alpina: Blue

C. alpina Columbine: Pale blue

C. alpina Ruby: Ruby-red

C. alpina White Moth: Double white

C. armandii: White evergreen

C. calycina: Pale yellow evergreen

C. cirrhosa: White evergreen

C. macropetala: Double powder-blue

C. macropetala Maidwell Hall: Double deep blue

C. macropetala Markhamii: Double pink

Late Spring and Early Summer Varieties (May and June)

Elsie Frost: Wistaria-blue

Barbara Dibley: Pansy-violet

Barbara Jackman: Mauve with crimson bar

Late Spring and Early Summer Varieties (May and June)

Bees Jubilee

Capitan Thuilleaux

Countess of Lovelace

Daniel Deronda

Dr. Ruppel

Duchess of Edinburgh

Haku Ookan

H. F. Young

Kathleen Dunford


Lincoln Star

Margaret Wood

Marcel Moser

Miss Bateman

C. montana Elizabeth

C. montana grandiflora

C. montana Pink Perfection

C. montana rubens

C. montana tetrarose

C. montana Wilsonii

Mrs. N. Thompson

Mrs. Spencer Castle

Nelly Moser

C. spooneri

The President

Vyvyan Pennell: Mauve-pink, carmine bars

Summer Varieties (June to September)

Belle Nantaise

Comtesse de Bouchaud (p)

Etoile Violette (p)

Hagley Hybrid (p)


C. integrifotia (p)

Jackmanii (p)

Jackmanii rubra (p)

Joan Picton

Kathleen Wheeler

Lady Caroline Nevill

Lady Gray

Lady Northcliffe


Lord Nevill

Madame Edouard Andre (p)

Madame Julia Correvon (p)

Madame le Coultre

Margot Koster (p)

Margaret Hunt (p)

Mrs. Cholmondeley

Niobe (p)

C. orientate

Perle d’Azur (p)

Rouge Cardinal (p)

Silver Moon

C. tangutica Gravetye Twilight (p) Venosa Violacea (p) Victoria (p) Violet Charm Voluceau (p) W. E. Gladstone William Kennett Xerxes p = varieties needing hard pruning each year.: Blue

Late Summer and Autumn Varieties (August to October)

C. davidiana Wyevale (p)

Ernest Markham (p)

C. fargesii

C. flammula

Gipsy Queen (p)

Huldine (p)

C. jouiniana

Lady Betty Balfour (p)

C. paniculata

C. recta

C. rehderiana

C. texensis Duchess of Albany (p)

C. texensis Etoile Rose (p)

C. texensis Gravetye Beauty (p)

Ville de Lyon (p)

C. viticella (p)

C. viticella alba luxurians (p)

C. viticella Minuet (p)

C. viticella rubra (p): Small blue, herbaceous, scented

Note: p = varieties needing hard pruning.

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