CLEISTOCACTUS STRAUSH (silver torch cactus)

7 deg C/45 deg F

Of the several species in this genus, this is the favourite for window-sills. It is native to Bolivia and the common name originates from its appearance. It forms groups of long, slender stems, pale green in colour and covered with a greyish-white wool, and the red flowers are about 7.5cm (3in) long, tubular and flame-like.

This cactus is attractive at all limes because of its white, woolly covering and neat habit. In well-grown specimens the stems can reach a considerable height. Provide a very bright position and keep almost dry in winter. Cuttings of the stem tips will root if taken during late summer, but the cut surfaces should be allowed to dry before insertion in the rooting compost. It is rare for this cactus to have troubles.



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