Cleome- Spider Flower

Very large, firm annuals, almost shrub-like.


Because of its modest colouring it is one of the few annuals that can be used in the border and among shrubs. Also makes an attractive specimen plant. Full sun is desirable.


Does best in rich, humus soil, well drained.


May be sown from early spring onwards in a heated frame or in the greenhouse; if necessary even on the window-sill. The seedlings are pricked out once and kept in an adequate temperature until they can be hardened off about a month later. They may then be repotted once more and are moved to a warm and sheltered position outside in late spring, spaced 40 cm apart.

Cleome spinosa: Height 90-120 cm; flowers mid summer to early autumn, usually purple pink, in beautiful clusters. ‘Helen Campbell’ has white flowers.

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