FLOWERING SHRUB. These shrubs bear white flowers, often fragrant, in late summer and early autumn. They prefer a lime-free soil and a mulch of damp peat, or leaf mould in very dry weather. Clelhra alnifolia, sometimes known as the sweet pepper bush , grows to about 6 ft. It is easily increased by detaching the rooted suckers in March.

CLIANTHUS, LOBSTER CLAW, NEW ZEALAND GLORY PEA, or PARROT’S BILL Though usually regarded as a greenhouse plant, this handsome climber wil withstaud a winter in the open if it is planted against a sunny wall and the root well protected with litter and matting. It is often grown on house walls in Devonshire. Grow in a mixture of loam and well-rotted compost. The brilliant scarlet flowers appear in May and June in hanging clusters. It grows to about 5 ft. and the side shoots must be pruned back hard after flowering. Increase by cuttings in April.

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