Colutea- Bladder Senna

A deciduous shrub which develops unusual bladder-shaped seed vessels, which explode when pressed.


A strong shrub which tolerates shade and is usually planted under trees or as infilling. After a few years the shrub is cut down or dug up. In very large gardens it can remain where it is.


Will grow in any type of soil.


Sow out of doors, in late spring. The young seedlings soon need replanting, at which time the long taproot must be cut back drastically.

Colutea arborescens: Height 2-3 m; yellow flowers in short clusters in late spring to early autumn; they are followed by the seed vessels.

Colutea X media: A hybrid, height 3 m; orange to brown-red flowers in late spring to early autumn, followed by elongated seed pods, milky white in colour.

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