Conophytum pearsonii

This species is a member of one of the largest genera of the family Aizoaceae. It is said to include as many as 300 species, some of which are among the smallest of flowering plants. C. pearsonii forms thick, cushion-like clumps of small club-shaped bodies about 1.5 cm (0.5 in) high. The two opposite leaves are joined very near the top, the open groove being only 2-5 mm deep. The bright pinkish-violet flowers emerge from this. The whole plant is blue-green, with small, dark spots round the groove.

It is not difficult to grow but requires some experience. A suitable growing medium is a mixture of leaf mould and coarse sand. Water very moderately during the growing period from September to November. Give no water at all during the period of rest from January to June. During this period, a new pair of leaves develops inside the plant, which shrivels and does not look very pretty.

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