Coreopsis are showy plants, many of which produce blooms which are excellent for cutting and general decorative purposes. Many have really long stems, and so it is a help if the taller-growing plants are given some kind of support, such as bushy sticks.

They like the sun and a fairly light, well-drained soil. If you wish the plants to go on flowering, any uncut flowers must be removed before they begin to set seed.

Propagation is done by removing the side-shoots from the base of the plants in the spring, or from seed. Avoid rich land and artificial fertilisers, since these are liable to promote a lot of growth but few flowers.

Of the species and varieties available, C. auriculata has yellow petals with a purplish-brown zone around the centre, while its variety `Astolat’ is crimson in the centre.


C. grancliflora has bright golden-yellow flowers on long stems, which are excellent for cutting. It has a number of good forms, including ‘Mayfield Giant’, with extra large flowers; `Badengold’, with finer, brighter blooms; and ‘Perry’s Variety’, semi-double, deep yellow. All flower from June until August. C. verticillata has many quite small yellow blooms and extra finely 11 cut foliage. Its variety ‘Golden Shower’ is a brighter yellow and a very good plant.

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