Coreopsis- Tick seed

Annuals and hardy perennials, usually with yellow flowers.


Annuals are grown for cutting and in annual borders; perennials in the herbaceous border.


Standard, fairly light garden soil.


Annuals are sown in situ from mid spring onwards; perennials are increased by division or from seed.

Annual species

Coreopsis basalis: 50 cm; yellow flowers with a dark centre in summer.

Coreopsis tinctoria: 30-100 cm; pale-yellow flowers with a dark centre. Numerous garden varieties. Perennials

Coreopsis grandiflora: 60-100 cm; golden-yellow flowers in mid to late summer. ‘Badengold’ is one of the finest. Coreopsis lanceolata: 40-60 cm; flowering season summer months; the flowers are usually golden yellow. Often partially dies down in winter; used for cutting. Coreopsis verticillata: 60 cm; star-shaped yellow flowers early summer to early autumn; fine ferny foliage.

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