Cornus- Dogwood

Well known deciduous garden shrubs, greatly varying in character. Many people regard the species with creamy-white bracts and beautiful autumn colouring as the finest. The species with red or yellow twigs, very conspicuous in winter, are particularly well known. In spring Cornus mas catches the eye because of its early flowering. There is also a herbaceous plant – Cornus canadensis.


All species tolerate partial shade; they grow to moderate size and may be grown as specimen plants or in groups. The garden must be of reasonable size.


Cornus mas and Cornus sanguinea will grow in fairly dry soil, the other species require rich, normally damp soil.


By layering or from cuttings, sometimes from seed. The herbaceous plants are divided.


Cornus alba, white dogwood: Height 3-4 m, insignificant white flowers in late spring; green leaves, blue-green on

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