Corylopsis- Winter Hazel

Little known, but very winter-hardy, medium-sized deciduous shrubs.


Very suitable for medium-sized gardens; the foliage is decorative and the shrub is conspicuous by its early flowering. Make sure it gets a position in full sun or very light shade.


Humus-rich, acid, porous soil is essential. The shrub dislikes lime.


From cuttings taken in summer, or by layering.

Corylopsis pauciflora: Height to 1.25 m; creamy-white flowers in early to mid spring; spreading habit. Corylopsis spicata: Height to 2 m, with a more erect-growing habit and less profuse flowering than the above; the yellow, primrose-scented flower clusters appearing in early spring. The leaves are broad, heart-shaped, pointed, and finely toothed along the edges; the upper surface is dull green, the reverse blue green and downy. the reverse. In autumn and winter the twigs are a striking red in colour. In ‘Sibirica’ the red colour is even brighter. ‘Gouchaultii’ has yellow and pink blotched foliage. Cornus alternifolia: Height to 4 m; a spreading bush with red-brown branches and small white flowers, followed by globular, blue-black berries. Not quite so well known. Cornus amomum: Height to 3 m; a spreading bush with fresh green foliage and creamy-white flowers in early summer; purple-blue twigs, blue berries. Requires damp soil. Cornus florida: Height 4-6 m, to 4 m across; flowers in late spring, just before the leaves appear. The flowers are surrounded by four white bracts, arranged in a square; in ‘Rubra’ the bracts are pink, in ‘Cherokee Chief even darker. The finest white form is ‘White Cloud’, which has particularly beautiful autumn colouring. Cornus kousa: Height 4-6 m, approximately 3-4 m across; flowers in late spring and early summer, the bracts being very large, and creamy white in colour. They are followed by strawberry-like red berries. In the cultivar chinensis the bracts are even larger.

Cornus mas, cornelian cherry: A shrub, sometimes a small tree, to 6 m tall, 2-4 m across; flowers early, in early to mid spring, before the foliage appears. The flowers are small, yellow, and grow in bunches; they have a disagreeable scent.

Cornus nuttallii: Height to 6 m; resembles Cornus florida but the flowers usually have six bracts instead of four. Flowers profusely at an early age, but as a rule dies quite soon. Fine autumn colouring.

Cornus sanguinea, common dogwood: Height 3-5 m; in-conspicuous flowers in late spring and early summer. Red autumn colouring and red branches in winter. Cornus sericea syn Cornus stolonifera: Height 2-3 m; white flowers in early to mid summer. The twigs become reddish in colour in winter, but practically the only variety cultivated is Tlaviramea’, in which the wood turns bright green. Perennials

Cornus canadensis, bunch-berry: Height 10-20 cm; flowers with white bracts in early summer. The berries are bright red. The leaves growing at the end of the twigs are arranged in a circle. Evergreen, and makes excellent ground cover.

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