Corylus- Hazel, Filbert

In cold climates hazels often produce very few nuts, since the early flowers are killed by night frost. However, there are a number of ornamental forms for use in the garden.


The corkscrew hazel and the brown hazel make fine specimen trees for small gardens.


Standard or slightly calcereous garden soil. Propagation Species are grown from seed, cultivars by layering or by grafting on Corylus colurna stock.

Corylus avellana, common hazel: Ornamental forms are ‘Contorta’, the corkscrew hazel, which has twisted branches; and ‘Pendula’, a beautiful weeping form. ‘Red Zellernut’ is grown for its nuts; it has red foliage. Corylus maxima, filbert: Because of its deep-red, almost black foliage, the cultivar ‘Atropurpurea’ is particularly popular; it provides a handsome contrast to other shrubs. Height to 5 m, usually grown as a shrub, sometimes as a small tree. The catkins, too, are purple red.

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