Cotinus- Smoke Tree, Wig Tree

Deciduous shrubs with unusually coloured foliage and re-markable, wig-like flower stems.


The dark-leaved ornamental forms provide a particularly fine contrast in medium-sized gardens. The autumn colouring is also very beautiful.


Calcareous soil if possible, but this is an undemanding shrub.


From cuttings or by layering.

Cotinus coggygria: Height and width 2-3 m; insignificant green flowers in early to mid summer. At a later stage the flower stems become elongated and downy and turn red, creating the impression of small wigs. A cultivar with green foliage but purple-red flower stems is called ‘Purpureus’. The red-leaved forms, such as ‘Red Beauty’, ‘Royal Purple’ and ‘Rubrifolius’, are better known.

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