FLOWERING SHRUB. These rely for their place in the garden on the autumn and winter displays of scarlet, dark red and orange berries, though there is a massed prettiness in the small blossom in very early spring, set among the dark foliage. Heights vary from 8 to 20 ft. depending on the species. Popular kinds are: Cotoneaster rotundifolia and frigida, both profuse in flowering, the show of rich coloured berries continuing for weeks; a short variety, 4 ft., Harroviana; and horizontalis a distinctive variety profuse in red berries, which extends its branches only just above the ground. Grown against a wall (including a north wall) horizontalis assumes a vertical habit. There are various dwarfs, including humifusa, congesta and thymifolia. All kinds are easy to grow once established in a medium dry position. Increase by 4 in. long cuttings of the current year’s growth in August.

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