Cotula: Growing Guide

Modest little plants with fine, ferny foliage, not completely winter-hardy.


Makes attractive ground-cover, but does not entirely suppress weeds; hoeing is therefore necessary. Looks delightful between bricks and flagstones. Partial shade is best.


The plants easily dry out and therefore require adequately moist soil. On the other hand the situation must not be too damp in winter, as in that case the roots might freeze.


Division of the clumps provides no problem.

Cotula dioica: Height 5-7 cm; this species has dark-green foliage and bright-yellow flowers in mid to late summer. Cotula squalida: Height 5-10 cm, and the best known species; pale-green, downy foliage. Inconspicuous pale-green flowers in mid to late summer.

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