Cotyledon undulate

Silver Crown, Silver Ruffles . The most striking feature of this South African plant is its fleshy, almost orbicular leaves with a white chalky bloom which, however, rubs off if touched. The large, bell-shaped flowers grow from the tip of a long stem that may be up to 45 cm (18 in) high. They are always pendent and coloured orange-red, with 10 protruding stamens. Members of the genus Cotyledon were originally ranged in the genus Echeveria.

It requires a temperature of 10°-15°C (50°-59°F) in winter and adequate light and ventilation throughout the year. A heavy, clay-based compost with ample nutrients is best. The plants should be watered carefully from the base to avoid damaging the chalky bloom. It is readily propagated by detaching and rooting leaves or by stem cuttings.

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