Crassula portulacea

This species is one of 300 in the large genus Crassula. All are native to South Africa where they are widely distributed.

Many are popular house plants because they are very decorative and quite easy to grow. C. portulacea is usually very branched and the short stems and branches of old specimens become woody. The succulent leaves are obovate, very glossy and crowded on the branches. The white, 5-merous flowers are arranged in terminal inflorescences. They are produced only by mature plants.

It grows well at normal room temperature, but it may be advisable to move it to a cooler, but still light, place in winter. The compost should be well-drained, with a sufficient amount of sand. Water quite liberally in hot weather but restrict watering as the temperature decreases. Propagate by stem cuttings or by placing a leaf on the surface of the compost.

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